Joining Rotary

Admission Process

If you are interested in joining the Rotary Club of Downtown Macon, we encourage you to attend a few meetings to get to know the club and its members.  A current member of the club can bring you as their guest, or you can request to be a member of the club itself by contacting the current President or Membership Chair.

Once you have attended a few meetings, a current member must propose you for membership in the Club.  The member who is proposed you will complete the New Member Application.

>> New Member Application

After your application is submitted to the Board for consideration, you will go into a two-week quiet period where you will not attend the Rotary Club meetings. 

When your application is approved, you will be notified by the Club Leadership and a date will be scheduled for your induction into the club. 

Once inducted, you will participate in the Red Badge Program as a new member. 

Red Badge Program

The Red Badge program is designed for new members to get acclimated into the Rotary Club. When a new member is inducted, they will be given a red badge signifying they are a new member participating in the Red Badge Program. In this program
the new member should earn 100 points by completing any combination of club-related tasks.  When they have accumulated 100 points, their red badge will be exchanged for a standard member badge at a Rotary Club meeting.  For a list of the tasks and their associated point value, click on the link below.

>> Red Badge Program

Requirements of Membership

As a member of the Rotary Club of Downtown Macon, these are the membership requirements:

  • Dues ($200 per quarter) plus a $100 or greater annual contribution to the Rotary Foundation.
  • Annual attendance percentage of 50% or greater of Rotary meetings or events.  Make ups are available by attending Rotary service projects or events or by attending other Rotary Club meetings. 
  • New members must participate and complete the “Red Badge” training program before being granted full membership of the club.
  • Members are asked to participate in Club Community Service Projects, International Service Projects, Events and Social Programs during the year.
Club Leaders